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SEC Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers is a Canadian owned and operated firm based in Prince Edward Island. We operate worldwide through Partnerships in the USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Japan.. We are proud of our products.

SEC Heat Exchangers is one of the largest manufacturers of brazed plate, plate and frame, shell and tube, swimming pool heat exchangers in Titanium or Stainless Steel, shell and tube (u-tube or straight) heat exchangers in Canada.

SEC Heat Exchangers a trusted producer of residential, industrial, commercial heat exchangers and heat transfer systems for every type of heating and cooling process from low cost brazed plate heat exchangers to high standard process heat exchangers for the industrial, medical, and scientific, to cryogenic applications for commercial processes.

SEC Heat Exchanger provides our customers with "High Performance Exceptional Value" heat exchangers guaranteed to meet and surpass their requirements.

SEC Heat Exchangers manufactures and distributes the most extensive listing of Heat Exchangers available.

Brazed Plate Heat exchangers copper
Brazed Plate Heat exchangers cupronickel
Brazed Plate Heat exchangers stainless steel
Brazed Plate Heat exchangers 304 stainless steel
Brazed Plate Heat exchangers 316L stainless steel
Plate and frame heat exchanger Titanium
Plate and frame heat exchanger Stainless Steel
Plate and frame heat exchanger 316L
Oil Cooling (cooler) heat exchangers stanless steel

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Our commitment to carbon reduction.

SEC is protecting the environment. The very nature of our business involves saving and recovering energy. Rather than just paying to 'feel good' about ‘Carbon Offset’ we have partnered with a local wood lot owner whereby 5 hectares of local forest will be left to grow naturally for the next 20 years.

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SCT Series - Titanium Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

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A less expensive option, Titanium or Stainless Steel tubes

SEC Heat Exchangers is manufacturer and distributor of brazed plate, bphe, shell and tube, u-tube, plate and frame, gasketed phe, and energy stations worldwide.

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